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Hamburg lottery TV SPOT

Hamburg lottery TV SPOT

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Hamburg lottery -
My Happiness, my freedom

The idea behind Hamburg Lottery’s 
My happiness, my freedom campaign was that a lottery slip can become anything you want it to be once you win – a home in Hamburg’s most exclusive neighbourhood or an expensive luxury car for example. All you need to do is pick your
numbers, fold the slip and dream yourself into it. 


The campaign consisted of eight visuals for display ads, OOH and online purposes, as well as a pre-roll and radio spot. I was responsible for everything from concept, mock-up, and shooting (which included a helicopter shoot), to postproduction and final product.


In 2017, Hamburg’s biggest mall hosted a promotional event where people hand-folded their own dreams and were given the chance of winning them. The contest’s popularity led to its extension onto social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

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