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Between 2011 and 2019 I established myself as an allrounder – whenever CI, typography and design work had to be done, it surely found my desk. 

For Frankfurt food vendor Gesellig’s, I designed their logo and stationery with organic type and textures. I also composed gift cards for various occasions and an image brochure.

In 2016 the real estate company Nassauische Heimstaette Wohnstadt wanted to be rebranded into Arealeo, while keeping the lion (crest animal of the province Hessen) from its old logo. Another challenge was that the new logo had to represent six company departments under one graphical roof.

Apart from inventing the city of Wolfsburg’s wolf logo, stationery, and collateral, I was involved in creating the city’s official tourist app, working closely with a developer on user interface and icons.

Most recently I created the complete corporate identity for Dorina Egger Coaching, with its logo displaying a stylized pearl in a shell. This job also included her homepage and social media appearance.

The Body Company is a fitness studio located in Abu Dhabi. In addition to their logo (which incorporated a body in motion) and stationery, I created their CI guidelines and flyer template.

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